Motion Blur Photography: Using extended shutter speeds and deliberate camera movements to create distinct, painterly effects without the aid of computer filters or plugins. 


Pacifica #153 Morro Bay, Ca 2005

“I don’t know but I’ve been thinking a lot about things other than my situation. It seems to help, just getting away in my head does help. But man, that faith – tough now. Trying to hold on to it constantly and I know it’s black and white thinking but to be real it must be total and to be true, in itself, it can’t be something that drifts. But the truth is, in my head, I’ve been drifting a bit. 

Of course, there are a multitude of reasons to look away, to look at something else other than faith but to let it slide, in my head, that just won’t do for me. And the fact is, my situations demand it: The weight of these things, these burdens, the whole of them deserve some kind of focused attention and a massive dose of faith. 

I mean, how can I for a minute consider leaving something so necessary behind? Even for a single, unguarded second?

It is a sin to drift now… Even for one second.”

Morro Bay, California